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AKA On DJ Zinhle:”My baby mamma is trippin. Baby girl you know the rules.”

The roller coaster love story that includes AKA and DJ Zinhle.

As we all know the two broke up a couple of months ago after Zinhle shared a letter on her MOMents by Zinhle blog exposing that her baby daddy has been having an affair with Bonang Matheba for over 5 months.

aka saga

Now all the times the rapper has been asked about the affair, he has had no comment and one time he actually walked out on the interviewer.

The rapper had a tell all interview with Sizwe Dhlomo for MTV and shared that he won’t speak about the issue ever again.

AKA is currently in Nigeria, and was interviewed on local radio show Beat 99.9FM. Even though rappers don’t always open up about their personal lives, we hear everything through their music.

In his ‘freestyle’ that he read off his phone on the show AKA actually addressed something to DJ Zinhle, even though he said he would never talk about their relationship ever again.

“Cut the chicken on the loose. My baby mamma is trippin. Baby girl you know the rules, I’m living life to the fullest. Don’t let it go to your head. I just keep it one hundred percent.”

Check out the full interview below and fast forward to 11:10 for the freestyle…


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