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Actress Simpiwe Ngema Launches A Music Career As ‘Quing Simz’

Actress Simpiwe Ngema Launches A Music Career As ‘Quing Simz’! Back in 2018, Simphiwe released some of her late husband Dumi Masilela’s music and now she’s stepping onto the music herself.

Simphiwe has launched her music career with a brand new single called
‘Thola khona’ under the name ‘Quing Simz’. Taking to Instagram LIVE to share how she feels, the star got emotional about not having her husband here to witness this part of her career and overcoming her fears of living her dream.

“This is the first time people will really see who Simpiwe is. You’ve seen the characters that I’ve played. You’ve only seen Thuli, Phindi, Dudu but now you’ll get to see who the real Simpiwe Ngema is, who Quing Simz is and that is nerve wrecking but exciting at the same time. I have mixed emotions because all this is happening in May and I think a lot of people know that May for me is a difficult month. Simpiwe’s her wedding anniversary, Dumi’s birthday is in the month of May and it’s the month she met him.

Wish Quing Simz all the best with her music career.

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