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10 things you dont know about Hope Williams Bardy

Kristian Alfonso


  1. Kristian won the gold medal at the Junior Olympics in figure skating when she was 13-years old
  2. She was an above-average student whose extra-curricular activities were divided between rigorous ice skating and dance classes, but an unfortunate bobsledding accident ended both her skating and dancing careers.
  3. By the age of 15, Alfonso had graced the covers of 30 international magazines including Vogue and Bazaar, persuaded by her modeling agency.
  4. She joined the cast of Days of our lives back in 1984.
  5. Days of our lives has earned her five Soup Opera awards.
  6. She is 100 percent Italian; her grandparents hail from Sicily and Calabria
  7. Alfonso is a petite 5 feet 4 inches tall; she has green eyes and brown hair.
  8. Former Days producer Shelley Curtis dubbed Alfonso “Gummi” back in the 1980s, because she loved eating Gummi Bears candy.
  9. The Days set designers have incorporated Alfonso’s love for fluer-de-lis into Bo and Hope’s home. The floral symbol is engraved on the candlesticks on the pair’s dining room table and on knickknacks in their living room bookcase. “I’d even like to add more,” says Alfonso.
  10. In November 2006, Kristian Alfonso created her-own jewelry line. She has appeared on QVCand runs her jewelry website, which contains all of her designs.

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