WHAT? Pastor Talks His Congregation Into Eating A Weave!

When it comes to church congregations and insane encounters we think we’ve seen it all this year!

The Soshanguve pastor strikes again he’s already  famous for “praying for his congregation until they strip​ped” to their underwear and well this time around his congregation ate a woman’s weave.

Yes, you read right the pastor’s prayers got people eating hair this time.In the pictures found on the churches Facebook page you can see the pastor Prophet Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries praying for a woman and some of her hair in the mouths of other church members.

Of course every image needs a caption and the caption for these images was: “Man of God held the head of woman of God Thapelo from Mabopane and her hair turned into food for the sons and daughters of God to eat. Everything depends on what we say because we carry life in our tongue.”

In a church service in May the pastor was preaching about Adam and Eve quoting Genesis 2:25  that’s speaks on how the two individuals were created as they were. “Having no clothes on them, they stood in need of none to shelter them from the heat or cold, or to conceal any parts of their bodies from the sight of others,” read the pastor.

Pastor says that after that the congregation began to sweat and taking their clothes off, he believes that was a sign from God and they their sins were being stripped away.

Do you really believe that this is a sign of divine intervention or has this pastor gone too far? Check out the weave eating images below.

Church Member Eating Hair…

pastor hair 2

Divine Intervention?…

pastor hair 1

Pastor Praying…

pastor hair 4

The Weave…


pastor hair 3

Member Eating Hair…

pastor hair 5

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