WATCH: KidX Cooler bag Video…Are The Beats A Remake Of Cups By Anna Kendrick?

So we told you that this year is the year to watch out for cashtime as they’re coming out with a bag and have promised us albums left, right and centre! Well KidX has been a serious contender is this Hip Hop game and has been a great feature to have on most collaborations. He hasn’t done too bad by himself either, first with the release of Pass ‘n Special and now we have a video for coolerbag. If you haven’t seen it, check out KidX’s coolerbag video below.

By the way, did anyone notice that the beats of the song are similar to those of Cups by Anna Kendrick

 KidX- Coolerbag


Anna Kendrick- Cups


Uhmm…It’s interesting to see/hear where our artists draw their inspiration from.

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