Top 11 Reasons Why Most People Dislike Christians and Question Their Beliefs

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With the world getting better everyday and with so many religious affiliations forming people are finding it easier to criticize people’s beliefs and religious decisions. More and more people don’t go to church or choose to remove themselves from being associated with any religion.

Here are 11 points that explain why people question your Christianity and prefer chilling at home watching TBN on Sunday mornings or just simply listening to Thami on Metro.

Top 11 Reasons Why Most People Dislike Christians and Question Their Beliefs

1. The Bazalwane Look

Shiny point shoes, s-curl and curtain material outfits.

2. Unnecessary Quoting Of Scriptures

Let the way you live your life be the scripture.

3. The Interdenominational Gossips

Pastors are focused on what other pastors are doing and saying and end up criticizing them from the pulpit at Sunday morning’s church service.

4. The Weak Christians

Those who tend to agree with everything their church does and argue against any practice their church is against without understanding why their church is against or for the practice.

5. Facebook

The number of hypocrites who criticize others and quote half scriptures to support their hypocrisy is just too much here on Facebook.

6. Facebook Prophets and Wisemen

These are mostly people who understood 10% of the Sunday sermon and then come to Facebook to wrongly update it whilst belittling others.

7. Laziness

Most Christians wait for God to do something great and yet they are not hustling and improving themselves.

8. Being Holy

One of the most misunderstood concepts in Christianity. Being holy doesn’t mean you don’t even fart in public or laugh. Being holy is leading a normal life and knowing that you are a sinner living under God’s grace. Being holy means you can sit with drunkards and criminals and crack jokes the whole day without having to judge them and their actions. Only your nonjudgmental life can change them not the number of verses you can quote to them.

9. Sunday Based Christians

Those who only want to talk about God on Sundays on their social pages but the days before Sunday talk about getting high. They only want to be Christians on Sundays and be completely different people during the week.

10. Pride and Pretense

Boasting about worldly belongs at church on Sundays, making a point about your car being better than the next persons yet still smiling to their face at Bible study pretending to be friends.

11. Half Day Church Services

There’s no need to start church at 09:00am and end it at 15:00 that’s 6 hours, that’s like a work shift.

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