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Samkelo Ndlovu Blasts Negative Stereotypes About Xhosa Women

Samkelo Ndlovu is not for people who want separate South Africans by their tribes. The actress took to Instagram to share her mind on those who negatively stereotype Xhosa women. Samkelo Ndlovu blasts negative stereotypes about Xhosa women.

“Sadly, millennials have found a way of still using it to segregate us. One of those ills is how young men who have been with Xhosa women and lost them speak about us. Siyanyelwa nje. I nominate this guy to be the receiver of all good things for setting the story straight. Xhosa woman are actually quite dope, contrary to popular belief. #EndTribalism #EndTribalSegregation #SetTheStoryStraight #XhosaWomenAreTooDope,” the actress lashed out.

Fellow Xhosa Unathi comented

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