SA Celebs Who Can’t Escape Their Famous Exes

Unlike us normal people, celebs don’t have the choice to completely detach from their exes especially if they were loved together as a couple. Media scrutiny and internet chatter makes it almost impossible for them to forget about them. Not to mention their fans who will forever root for them to get back together even when they are both in other relationships. Check out these SA celebs who can’t escape their famous exes.

1. Minnie Dlamini and Itu Khune

These two have long moved on but their fans still want them to get back together. Not only that they are often asked about each other and their break up in interviews.

"I Did See Myself Marrying Him," Says Minnie Dlamini On Khune

2. Bonang and Euphonik

We don’t think anyone wants these two back together and we don’t think these two will ever be able to completely forget the other exists because of the media scrutiny surrounding them.

euphonik and bonang

3. Boity and Cassper

A lot of their fans still believe they are meant for each other even after breaking up for the third time. Although they are friends, their relationship often comes up in interviews and celeb gossip.

"That's The One Relationship I Don't Regret," Cassper On Boity

4. Nomzamo and Khaya Mthetwa

Despite never going public with their relationship that ended over two years ago, Nomzamo and Khaya’s lobola drama often reappears on Magazine covers.

khaya and nomzamo

5. Zinhle and AKA

Baby Kairo is not the only reason these two will never escape each other. Even in new relationships, social media has done a great job at making their past relationship haunt their current ones.

aka and zinhle movie night


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