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Robert Marawa’s Baby Mama Wants R28 900 Per Month For Child Support!

Robert marawa supportAll these celebrity daddy’s and their baby mama drama! Will it ever end?

Earlier this year Robert Marawa’s baby mama took to her Facebook page to write an open letter to the TV sports presenter to basically voice her feelings and to let the nation know what a deadbeat dad he is apparently.

In her letter Zoe Mthiyane talks about how she’s waited for years for Robert to pitch in with child support and goes on to open up about how her and her son have had to rely on friends and family to accommodate them when she couldn’t support the both of them.

Well the battle doesn’t just end with an open letter on Facebook, Zoe is taking things to court and it doesn’t look good for Robert. According to Sowetan Zoe wants Robert to contribute R28 900 towards child support get this…every single month! Robert is set to appear at the Atteridgeville Maintenance Court on 10 July, the newspaper reported.

Amongst the things that Zoe would like Robert to take responsibility for she would also like him to pay  R2 500 for a driver, R2 450, for groceries, R4 970 for school fees and aftercare.

Wait, not to take sides but, what is she paying for then? *Kermit*

“This is the last resort for me. I waited a long time to get here. I’m hoping to get a positive result for the sake of my baby boy. When you have a child, you don’t dream of being a single mom, and what we are going through is stressful but necessary…”, she tells the paper.

Oh regarding the amount of money she’s requesting Zoe had this to say: “… I didn’t get the figure out of thin air.”

What did Robert have to say? “I’ve maintained from day one that I’m not here seeking media attention and sensationalising an issue pertaining to a minor child. I’ve always sought to gain access to my son and that’s what’s important to me…”  Robert also added that his lawyers are currently dealing with the issue.

Talk about he says, she says type of situation!

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