Robert Marawa And Pearl Thusi’s Baed Up At Durban July

Even after their undeniable chemistry when they co-hosted together on Super Sport, Robert and Pearl are still playing coy about their relationship. The couple denied ever having met prior to their gig together.  Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi’s baed up at Durban July.

They have yet to confirm their relationship but rumor has it they are already engaged. “Look who I bumped into!!! 😂👀 good to see you @robert_marawa ✌🏽️,” Pearl shared a cute snap of them together. This could’ve been also a way of telling everyone to follow her bae who just joined Instagram.

Robert Marawa And Pearl Thusi's Baed Up At Durban July

Welcome to Instagram Mr Robert Thusi!

Is this thing working? 👀

A photo posted by Robert Marawa (@robert_marawa) on

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