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Rick Ross Talks About Losing 85 Pounds

Yes you read right! Rick Ross is no longer the big boy of the rap game, we guess chubby was tired of sitting in Big chairs and having girls all around him in his music video’s while Chris Brown is dancing.

Rick Ross is that you man?…

Rick Ross

See the guy on the left?…yes, that’s Rozay!…

rick ross 2

Rick Ross was recently spotted smoking a blunt with Wiz Khalifa, maybe that has something to do with the weight loss, haha.

Rick Ross and wiz

How He Started The Diet

“Sodas was the first thing I cut out. Most definitely. That was, majority of my sugar. The way I ate, you know, fast-food.”

Does His Weight Loss Affect His Music Career

“My music — that comes from the heart. That comes from my mindset. You know, after I sit down and absorb this great interview, that’s something that could come to me that I could put into a record.”

Does Losing Weight Affect His Game With The Women

“Of course I had a few chicks [that said], ‘Aw, Rozay, we love [you]!’ I say, ‘You already know I still got it. Ain’t nothing went nowhere. I’m just better with it.”

He recently had an interview with Good Morning America to discuss is 85 Pound weight loss and music career.Check out video below.



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