Part 2: Top 10 South African Hip Hop Music Videos for 2015!

You’ve checked out the bottom 5 and well we hope that you weren’t too disappointed but after all this does work with numbers so if you want your favourite video to rank higher, watch a couple of 100 times the next time you watch it.

5.Boss Zonke- Riky Rick

Riky came back with a bang and we’re really looking forward to hearing what he has cooked up for us in 2016. Boss Zonke was a hit even Utathako is jamming to it right now with 658,479 views, we still loving Boss Zonke.

4.My Own- DJ Milkshake ft Anatii & Cassper

Yes guys, Anatii and Cassper are friends now and well we guess their friendship is a good thing because it’s giving their music good numbers. For the 2nd time on the list with 710,896 views, Cassper x Anatii.

3.FUSEG- Riky Rick x Cassper x Anatii

Fuseg has only been out for a couple of weeks now so we guess this Riky Rick, Anatii and Cassper Nyovest combo really works because now they’re in the Top 10 for the 3rd time. 884,925

2.All Eyez On Me- AKA x Burna Boy x JR x Da L.E.S

Even though the track wasn’t released in 2015, it seems it’s still watched over a number of SA videos that were released this year. All Eyez On Me hit us hard last year and well we think it’s still a JAM, Burna Boy really does it right man. So at your number 2 spot with 970,684 views All Eyez On Me!

1.Skhanda Love- K.O ft Nandi Mngoma

ISHU! Nandi and K.O, guys this guy is a prince in his own lane! Enough said, next year Base should really rework that list of theirs. With 1,041,645 there’s no doubt that Skhanda Love belongs at #1!

So there you have it folks, your TOP 5 how do you like it?

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