Kim Kardashian fan spent 1.8 Million Rand on cosmetic surgery to transform into the idol

This will probably be one the craziest articles you have ever read. This huge Kim K fan took this whole fan thing to other level by spending 1.8 Million Rand on comsetic surgery just so he could look like his idol. Are we for real ? Yea we 100 . What makes this very sad is that the result is nothing close to Kim K . The extend of which people are trying to alter their appearances to perfection, SA should brace it self for Minnie Dhlamini and Boity look alikes. Fancy a cosmetic surgery so you can look like Bonang or Amanda Nyovest ..sorry Du Pont?  These images below will help you decide better!

Cosmetic surgery

Kim K fan4

Cosmetic surgery

Kim K fan3

Cosmetic surgery

Kim K fan

Cosmetic surgery

Kim K fan2

Cosmetic surgery

Kim K fan5

Images source: Jordan James Makeup



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