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ICYMI: Sfiso Ncwane Warns Fans Of Fraud Scam!


When it comes to money drama, S’fiso Ncwane definitely knows everything about it.

Sfiso Ncwane

About two weeks ago the gospel singer gifted his pastor with a car that’s estimated to be worth 1.9 million rand.

With a number of people believing that he’s crazy, his estranged mother came out in public to express that she was very upset over the matter and adds that her refrigerator is empty with no food while her son spoils ‘strangers’ with expensive gifts.

Well S’fiso soon dealt with that and sent her R2 000 to fill her fridge with food but apparently that wasn’t enough for some people.

S’fiso took to Instagram to share that he might have an impersonator collecting money from musical hopefuls and promising them the chance to perform at the biggest festival in Bloem. Damn!

If you got such a request in the past few days, just know that it’s not the real S’fiso Ncwane. The man is loaded why would he be asking for cash? *just saying!*

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