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ICYMI: Mfundi Vundla Is Accusing The Producers And Writers Of Uzalo Of Plagiarising His Story!

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So first Mfundi said that he’s not worried about Uzalo’s ratings and now he claims that they’ve stolen his storyline?

The City Press reports that Generations: The Legacy Mfundi Vundla sent a series of emails to senior officials at the SABC offices accusing the producers and writers of Uzalo of plagiarising his storyline.

In his emails to the officials Mfundi accused the creators of Uzalo of sabotaging his 20-year-old soapie and stealing it and making it their ‘own’ by simply changing the title to a Zulu word.

You see the isiZulu word ‘Uzalo’ is basically a loose translation for ‘lineage’ or ‘direct descendants’. Or in it’s simplest form ‘generations of the same family’.

This story comes after Uzalo knocked Generations: The Legacy from it’s number one spot on television. Even though Mfundi claimed to not be shaken by these reviews and added that Uzalo is not competition and that he’s been in the industry for 22 years and knows his story.

Besides all that drama it was also reported that The Legacy may be taken off our screens soon. Drum magazine reports that the South Gauteng High Court may rule in favour of the 14 actors who were fired by Mvundla in 2014.

Bulelani Mzamo, the actors’ legal counsel and adviser, says he’s confident that the court will rule in their favour because “Generations: The Legacy is illegal as it was commissioned before the dispute  [the actors’ firing) was resolved.”

Where there’s Mfundi, there’s trouble!

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