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ICYMI: Boity And Nandi Mngoma Squash Beef Rumours!

When it comes to industry beefs, the males probably dominate that area, more especially our Hip Hop figures but that doesn’t mean that our females don’t have their own little drama.


boity and nandi

Last week it was reported that Nandi Mngoma and Boity have a young beef going and obviously we laughed at that, first because Nandi is such a calm soul and well not too long ago the two were chilling together on Club808 and it looked like they were having mad fun.

Nandi was quick to take to social media to rubbish all claims of a beef and Boity was in total agreement with the songstress.

Check out Nandi’s Instagram post below:

What Beef?…

I don’t ever address lies being published by media websites etc. But the reason I’m addressing this story is to let you know that as you can see it is not true. More importantly that sometimes people want to see females fighting with each other instead of empowering one another. I have been fortunate enough to get along with all my sisters in the industry. YES IT IS POSSIBLE including one of my favorites @Boity ❤️. 1. It’s important to know that everything you read which is usually controversial is not true. 2. Sweet @Boity is alive, has no beefs and is kicking ass with her LEGiT range and Club 808. 3. The site that posted the story just wanted traffic and instead of working hard and believing in their product. They would rather make up lies about public figures. At least now you know it is not a reputable site. I will continue to support and be happy for my fellow sisters it is paramount for our growing industry. ❤️ #SistersStayWinning #DontBelieveEverythingYouRead #NiceTry

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Funny Faces…

@Club808 with @Boity pulling funny faces! 😝😁😳📷

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