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Should We Expect Another Collaboration From AKA And Nigeria’s Ice Prince?


aka and ice prince

AKA finally made it to Nigeria for his Nigerian tour and the South African rapper looks like his having the time of his life site seeing and visiting old friends.

Now we’ve already had two collaborations from AKA and Nigerian rapper Ice Prince.

AKA has promised us a new album this year does that album include another collaboration from him and the Ice Prince? We all know that when AKA is with other talented parties it’s not just for a party but some work progresses during that “chill time”.

If AKA and Ice Prince are really cooking up something for us let’s just home it’s as good or even better than the N Word Remix.

AKA posted the above picture on Twitter and Instagram of himself and Ice Prince.

Instagram Caption: “Word to my homie @iceprincezamani … Good to be in your city for a change.”

Twitter Caption: “I know bad guys … ICE PRIIIIIINCE …”

We hope that the king’s Nigerian tour is a successful one and maybe soon enough we’ll have a South African tour.


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