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DJ Zinhle Cool With Bonang Being Baby Kairo’s Stepmom

DJ Zinhle cool with Bonang being baby Kairo’s stepmom. Now that is strength, that is grace if you ask us. Despite everything that has gone down between Zinhle, AKA and Bonang, Kairo’s mom says Bonang being Kairo’s stepmom is not the worst thing that can happen.


On her interview with Anele, Zinhle was asked if she’s fine with Bonang being Kairo’s stepmom if AKA and Bonang get married, Zinhle’s answer was actually too good to be true. Guess it’s just her being strong.

“Yea. Listen, Kiernan (AKA) knows what’s best for Kairo. If he thinks she (Bonang) is what’s best for Kairo then me and Bonang are having tea,” she told Anele.

Wow, if only we ha DJ Zinhle’s strength guys. As we sip out own tea. We wonder if Bonang is up for it though!

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