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DJ Sbu Plans To Retire To Become A Full-Time Dad

DJ Sbu is a proud hands on dad who often shares his life as a dad on social media and now planning to be a full time dad. The radio host is currently on top of his game with a thriving career but he recently revealed he wants to give it all up in three years. DJ Sbu plans to retire to become a full-time dad.

“I have always planned to retire at 40. I started many of my companies several years ago with the goal of them being able to run themselves by the time I reach that milestone. I am working like a slave now to make sure that when I get to that point, I don’t have to,” he said.

After turning the big 40, DJ Sbu wants to travel with his daughter. “I want to be able to travel the world and take my daughter along with me. She is three-years-old now and will be seven by the time I retire. I think that is a great age to be able to take her along to guest lectures and places all around the world.

“I also want to be able to do the little things like take her to school each morning and be there when she comes home. Everything I do now is for her,” he said.

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