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Busiswa On AKA: “this guy is my hero…”

busiswa for 7

When AKA starts Tweeting he upsets a large percentage of the Twitter world, it’s not very often you find someone shouting out “young nigga preach!” to the rapper.

Well it seems that vocalist Busiswa is quite fond of the rappers Tweets and says that she’s glad that someone out there has that guts to say all the things that she’s to scared to say.

Speaking to V Entertainment recently Busiswa had this to say about the outspoken rapper:

“… I was like ‘man, this guy is my hero’. Sometimes he tweets things that I wanna say so bad, that I would never say… The thing about it is that every little thing that you say (as a woman) , it goes back to your body image, your weave, your clothes, your whatever. Whatever it is. It’s the weirdest thing ever… I can’t say anything without someone responding with something that’s completely unrelated.”

The talented singer then added that she wants to see an industry where females are more confident in their art and know that they don’t have to sleep with anyone to make it.

“I want an industry where females feel like, especially young girls, feel like ‘I can get into the industry via my talent alone’. I want that industry.”

Well there you have it, if you were wondering where AKA’s fans are at, Busiswa is a huge one.

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