BREAKING NEWS PICS: Robbery Gone Wrong At Bedford Centre Mall

Just as you think that robbery in South Africa is only crazy when it comes to breaking into houses and small crimes that don’t involve large crowds, a robbery goes down at Bedford Centre Mall in Bedfordview Johannesburg.

Several shots have been fired and five people are reported to have been injured during the robbery. Robbery is set to have been a cash heist that has gone totally wrong.

Social media is blazing especially twitter has customers are frustrated about how the Mall dealt with the heist.

It is reported that Police have since urged people to stay away from the centre as the robbers are said to still be trapped inside by the Police.

Bedfordview and Edenvale journalist Duenne Mambana  said that one suspect has been arrested.

“It appears more people may have been injured. The area is in lock-down. There are still robbers inside. I can also see people trying to get out of the centre,” said Duenne Mambana.

“We can confirm at this point in time that five people have been injured with injuries ranging from serious to critical, all sustaining gunshot wounds. Majority of the patience have been treated on the scene and are currently on their way to various hospitals for further medical care.

“Police are currently investigating inside. They have cordoned off the area and are investigating the scene at this moment,” said Netcare 911 Media Liaison, Santi Steinmann.

Santi Steinmann says that two of the people have sustained critical injuries and in critical condition. They have been rushed to hospital for more effective medical attention.

See Pictures From Bedford Centre Below:

robbery 7 robbery 6 robbery 5 robbery 4 robbery 1robbery 8

Image Cred: Eye Witness News eNCA News
Source: Sowetan Live EWN eNCA
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