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Bonang Matheba Has An Awkward Moment With Her Secret Admirer On Air!

So yesterday we spoke about how Miss Bonang Matheba was complaining about being spoilt by a secret admirer. Bonang has been recieving secret roses from someone week after week and says that they just keep getting bigger.

Well this morning Bonang just might have had a run in with here secret admirer, this time around live on air.

A female caller from Durban called into Bonang’s show this morning to confess her love for Queen B on a segment called #AskAMan.

“I love you Bonang and I would like to meet up with you whenever you are in Durban,” the anonymous female called said. Anonymous went to speak about how she’s so in love with Bonang’s voice and how she knows that even when she does meet Bonang nothing will happen between them.  Now what was shocking to everyone is that Bonang just kept quiet while anonymous was pouring out her heart.

Bonang’s co-hosts on the show Mr T and Naked DJ had to wake Bonang from her little silence. Queen B thought the best way to respond to the anonymous caller was to simply play a version of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature.

So a lot of people were shocked by Bonang’s response on twitter, some saying that her silence was not so pro LGBT as she claims to be.

Check out the tweets below:

bonang matheba lgbt 2 bonang matheba lgbt

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