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Amber Rose: “Men With Tiny Penises Are Unacceptable”…

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Firstly R100 to anyone who can tell me what Amber Roses actual job is. Well controversial former stripper and video vixen Amber Rose says that men with small penises are just not her cup of tea.

Apparently a woman that let’s you know what she wants in the bedroom is sexy, so in most books Amber is sexy for revealing that small penises just don’t do it for her.

So…If you’ve got a small penis and you day dream about Amber, sorry for you!

Amber Rose disclosed her opinion on small penises during an interview with Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ on February 13.

She was asked if sizes do count in the bedroom, Amber simply laughed and said “yes, it does”. The radio anchor then added, “what do you think of guys with tiny d**ks?” Amber answered:

“I can’t imagine him having a tiny penis… that..that..that’s just not okay with me… It’s unacceptable”.

The anchor then asked Amber, “Would you try to work it out with him if you love him?”

Amber’s response “If really really really do love him, I think I would just have to work with that… how about that?”

So there you have it gents, Amber likes hers big. Ladies,be honest, does size matter?

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