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AKA: ‘I want to be wealthy but, that won’t happen through just doing music’


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AKA is not just smart but, the rapper is business minded too.

The Run Jozi rapper recently revealed in an interview with Business Day LIVE that he’s looking into starting businesses instead of only focusing on his music career to bring in money.

“I would definitely want to be able to sustain myself. Do I want to just sustain myself? No I don’t just want to sustain myself, I want to be wealthy.

“Take care of my family,. I want to have income that’s both active and passive. I want to make money so that I can go and do more things.”

AKA went on to further say that musicians should use their music career to their benefit to diversify their brand and expand into other business ventures that will bring in a sustainable income outside of their music earnings.

“I’ve got a lots of dreams and ideas that are not necessarily tied to a mic and stage and a studio. Maybe I’ll start a business, maybe I’ll start a car wash,” says Mr Forbes smiling.

“I think it’s important to diversify, not just focus on your music and your gigs.  I think you need to use, when your flame is burning and is hot, use it to go into merchandise like I have with clothes.”

Adding to that King Doro went on to ‘congratulate’ himself for selling over 20 000 copies and for being the first English Rap album to go Gold.

“It’s the first time that’s happened for me and more than anything else, its the first English hip hop artist to do that.

“… we cannot ignore the demographics of our country, English hip hop music and music that is based around the English language is still gonna be harder to sell than music in a vernacular language. So I am very proud of the fact that we managed to achieve that.”

Check out the Doro Mega’s interview below:

I Want To Be Wealthy!…

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